Isabel Skincare


My Skincare Ethos

Isabel Skincare started out of a career in herbal medicine, a love of chemistry and passion for making things!

 I have selected ethically sourced, cruelty free, often organic, high quality ingredients to blend effective and natural skincare products. 

Rejuvenating Face Cream with Ylang Ylang &Clary Sage.

Nutrient Rich but non greasy face oil with Rose Otto Essential Oil.

Face & Scalp Oil for dry reddened/irritated skin and beards.

Rejuvenating Face Cream with Hyaluronic Acid and Rose Otto.

I have spent time researching ingredients, combining herbal knowledge with modern skincare needs. As they are all made in house, I can make sure that I choose the best ingredients for the purpose rather than just the cheapest for mass production. I looked into the best Eco preservatives, which are necessary to stop creams from going off and these have proved effective in my lab reports.

I will never use perfumes (I am actually allergic!) so all scent is from blended essential oils, which are chosen for their properties on the skin as well as their scent.

 All products are hand-made by me in Ditchling. 

I have chosen boxes from local recycled cardboard. Ribbon from fair-trade cotton plantations.

Jars are all recyclable and I encourage you to do so by offering discounts for refills.

I am delighted to have had such wonderful feedback from customers using the range.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I love making them!