Following a full consultation to assess your health and condition, specific points are selected according to the diagnosis made. This selection is based upon an integration of detailed meridian channel theory with anatomical and physiological understanding. Please feel free to contact me with any questions about how acupuncture could benefit you.


Herbal Medicine


Chinese Herbal Medicine is an ancient medical practice used for thousands of years in Asia.  Through detailed consultation and diagnostic skills,  a prescription of plant based herbs is written to suit individual needs. This is then consumed as a tea or applied externally to the body. Progress is then monitored and the prescription is tailored accordingly as we progress through resolving the condition. 

News & Seasonal Tips

Isabel Skincare Now available online! I am delighted to say you can now buy my natural skincare products online for posting or collection. I will also update this with loads of exciting new products I have been developing.

Autumn Poached Pears- Pears are traditionally used to strengthen the Lungs in Chinese medicine. This is a great time of year to have poached pears, warming and delicious as a desert or with porridge in the mornings!

Beetroot Slaw Recipe- Perfect with BBQ's. Easy and nutrient packed side slaw to go with warm dishes in the summer.

Although salad season is delicious, try to have cooked food with each meal so as to not weaken the digestion with too much raw food. Avoiding iced drinks with meal times is another tip for healthy digestion!