Autumn Poached Pears

Perfect to strengthen the Lungs at a time of year when lots of people are getting coughs and colds. Pears are a traditional food to eat in the Autumn season.

Cut organic Pears in half, either leaving skins on or off.

Place in a saucepan with 1-2 inches of water

Add a cinnamon stick, star anise and spoonful of honey and poach for 10-15 minutes slowly.

Either server on their own with cooking juices or with a homemade rice pudding. Or put on top of a warm bowl of porridge in the morning.

Beetroot Slaw Recipe

Perfect for BBQ'S or to accompany a mezze of summer dishes. I love it with BBQ makerel!

I recommend wearing an apron for preparing the beetroot though!

  • Peel then grate two large fresh raw beetroots
  • Add one desert spoon of raw apple cider vinegar to the beetroot.
  • Mix in two grated carrots
  • Add a tablespoon of goats yoghurt (or natural bio yoghurt) and a tablespoon of creamed horseradish sauce ( if you make it too hot- then just add more yoghurt!)

Stir well and serve! Really easy, versatile healthy slaw!


Miso Soup Recipe

Ingredients- 2 people

-Spring onions-3 finely chopped into small rounds, Garlic 1 clove

-Shitake mushrooms (I use dried-3 each person)- soaked for 20 mins. Sliced.

-Wakame seaweed-dried-handful

-1 large carrot-Finely chopped into small quartered slices

-Ginger-Grate with skin on then squeeze out all the juice by hand. 1 inch

-Miso paste- either Brown rice miso or Barley Miso-2 tsp per person (to taste)

-Coconut oil-2-3 teaspoons

-(Rice Noodles- leave out if you want a lighter soup or starter)-1 block dried.


Cabbage/Kale any quick cooking veg you want to pop in!

Tofu-1/2 pack

Cashews-handful-soak with seaweed.


Soak the Shitake and seaweed in a cereal bowl full of water

Chop carrot/onions/(tofu)

Gently heat saucepan (large) with coconut oil add carrot, onion, garlic. Soften.

Add the now soft and expanded mushrooms and seaweed including the soaking water. Add an additional pint and half of water (more if adding the optionals)

Add tofu/cashews if desired/other greens if desired

Boil for 5 mins

Add noodles, simmer for 2 mins

Turn off heat and cover

Dissolve Miso in tablespoon or so of cold water until runnier paste

Add this as serving into each bowl and check flavour, appox 2 teaspoon per bowl. Alternatively if you have not made too much (i.e. enough for meal next day)- stir this into the saucepan and check flavoured enough. Add more if desired-2 teaspoon per person as a guide measure.

(N.b don’t add Miso to boiling soup as denature all the goodness in the Miso- hence if planning to reheat the next day add to bowl not saucepan.)

Acupuncture for IVF Trial

Large scale trial published to showing the increased success of IVF when supported with Acupuncture. Article available here;

Interesting response article here from acupuncturist regarding the nature of Acupuncture and the individually tailored treatments not always fitting the large scale research methodology, but pointing out that these large scale trials are necessary to start using acupuncture alongside mainstream medicine on a larger scale.